cautionary_300.jpgI remember a marketing campaign for the National Association of Estate Agents, of which Whiteknights is a member, being issued some yars ago, where the headline was would you let an unlicensed doctor remove your appendix , no then why let an unlicensed estate agent sell your house

Now perhaps that was a little dramatic, but I was reminded of this ad campaign when we had a situation in one ofour offices where a local estate agent was about to put a property on the market, massively under its current value. They did this not, I would like to believe, because they were rogues, but actually because they simply didn’t know the prices.

The worrying thing here is that it is very easy for an Estate Agent to “get it wrong” and that mistake can, as in this case, could cost someone £20,000 plus.

I guess all Estate Agents trumpet the virtue’s of their particular firm but one of the things that has impressed me so much in my time at Whiteknights is just the depth of local knowledge the firm has. But more than that, it’s targeted to smaller sectors than any other agent.

Now there is likely to be a call of “he would say that wouldn’t he” but if it were me, I would definitely ensure someone from Whiteknights advised me on the sale of my property!

Nigel Keene

Owner and Managing Director