Below we list some simple and inexpensive ways to add value and improve your home.

Firstly, make sure your home looks cared for! Make sure the place is spotlessly clean, what’s the point in having a nice home if it looks a bit grubby.

Don’t judge a book by its cover is a well-known saying! Unfortunately, when it comes to property poor kerb appeal can knock as much as 5% off your home — first impressions count. Make sure you clear away any mess, adding a tasteful door knob, letterbox and keyhole to your front door will also help to add value to your home. 

You can transform and add value to your home easily with a lick of paint! A good paint job will not only make your home look brand new but will also give any buyers a blank canvas to work from. Think carefully about the colour scheme; a neutral palette may be a safer option if you are thinking of selling.

Adding a new kitchen can be stressful and costly, not only is it a home’s focal point, it’s a big selling point too. Making small changes to your current kitchen can easily improve the value of your home. Try replacing worktops, taps and maybe even the tiles. Give the kitchen a good fresh lick of paint to really freshen it up.

Make sure your bathroom looks clean and bright – a recent survey found a dirty bathroom is the biggest turn off for buyers. Consider upgrading tiles, taps, radiators and any bathroom accessories. A sparkling bathroom will add value to your home and impress any potential buyers.

Double glazing is a must for most buyers and can add value to your home. If a window needs replacing, you should do like for like. You will need to meet current building regulations, unless it is a listed property or conservation area.

If you have some budget, you might consider adding a conservatory. You will probably need to get planning permission, failing to do so could be costly. When done properly a conservatory is a beautiful addition to any home, not only does it add value to your property, it provides a comfortable living space all year round. 

We hope you have found our tips for improving your property useful! If you are looking to sell or need general property advice, do get in touch.