Selling a house in Reading before Christmas is influenced by various factors, including market conditions, interest rates, and local demand. While there isn't a one-size-fits-all answer, the Autumn season has 3 big advantages when it comes to selling your Berkshire home:

  • Serious Buyers

At WhiteKnights, we think that autumn is when serious buyers are most likely to get in touch. These are the people who will actually want to see homes to move into. Those who are house-hunting in Autumn are often keen to move before Christmas, making them more motivated to make a deal.  They won't be the "tire-kickers" who just want to look around to see what's going on but don't really want to buy.

After all, you don't want to waste time; you want to get going. When we talk to people who might be interested in buying, we always find out how serious they are. We can't always make a promise, but we've been in business for a long time and have learned a lot, so we can get a good sense of people.

  • Aesthetic Appeal

Setting the scene for a possible home buyer is important if you want to make a good impression. Don't forget that you're selling more than just a house; you're selling a dream or a way of life.  Autumn foliage can make your property look more appealing, boosting its curb appeal. 

With the leaves changing colour, a light drizzle, and the air getting cooler, now is a great time to get your home ready. Imagine someone coming in from the cold to a warm house that smells like autumn and has a beautiful arrangement of cherry and brown leaves, fir cones, and berries on a table. Think about how nice it will make them feel if you set your fire to a low setting and let a couple of table lamps cast shadows in the living room.

  • Family Timing

In July and August, people are more likely to be thinking about relaxing in the summer sun or going on holiday than about selling their home.

When people think about moving, they look at the timeline and find that they could almost be in their new home by Christmas, giving them time to settle in and get the new place ready for the festivities.

Families with children are usually settled into the new school year by Autumn and may be looking to move before the next academic year starts.  So, it makes sense that autumn is the best time to sell your house.

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Overall, compared to the typical spring influx of properties to the market, if your property goes on the market in the autumn, it's more likely to get noticed. This is especially true when you see how well our high-quality photography will show off your house.  If you're keen to move before Christmas, listing your property in September could give you enough time to complete the transaction, given that the conveyancing process can take around 10-12 weeks.

Call us on 0118 334 7410 or email us at and we'll be happy to assist you in selling your Berkshire property this autumn.