WhiteKnights Home Staging Top Tips 1There are numerous reasons why a landlord or vendor might value a quick sale, but, whatever the reason, our home staging tips will help you to rent or sell your property faster.

It's important to note that home staging isn't just about speeding up the rental or sale process; it can also be financially beneficial. Preparing your home correctly before it goes onto the market to let or sell will always generate more interest, which is likely to result in a higher price achieved for your property, and many of our tips are either free or inexpensive to implement.  We understand that in many cases, getting the best price is critical, and we believe that all of our vendor or landlord clients, whether selling or letting, should get the best price for their home. 

The vast majority of prospective renters or buyers will look at your home online before ever setting foot inside. The quality of the online images of your house, flat/apartment, or flat could have a significant impact on the number of viewing requests that your property receives. Home staging may not be as popular in the UK as it is in the US and other parts of the world, but that is quickly changing!

Our staging top tips guide is designed to give you advice on the key things we believe are most important when preparing your home for viewings. With many years of selling and renting homes in the Reading, Spencers Wood, Lower Earley, and Woodley areas, we have learned a few things that will undoubtedly make a big difference when you decide to sell or let your property.  Our goal is to be with you every step of the way to ensure a smooth, stress-free moving experience, so please contact us at any time to learn more about our home staging tips or how our selling, letting, and property management services can help you.

Let's start with the outside

WhiteKnights Home Staging Top TipsFirst impressions are crucial, so make sure the exterior of your property looks neat and attractive. This is called your "kerb appeal" and sometimes it can make the difference between a viewing taking place or a viewer "not turning up"!

Move vehicles from the driveway

Remove any clutter (rubbish bins, tools etc)

Sweep away dead leaves

Remove dead plants

Mow the lawn

Trim the hedges

Clean the doors, windows, driveway, patio & any garden furniture

Add some colour; window boxes, hanging plants, pathway borders 

Declutter but leave some personality

WhiteKnights Home Staging Top TipsLook to get rid of all the junk that has accumulated and try to recycle what you can or donate to a local charity shop, or put it in storage if you really cannot part with it.

Many viewers do not have the creative ability to imagine what a property would look like if they lived there, so make it simple for them to see all of the great features of your property and the living space on offer.

It is critical that your home does not look like a generic hotel; always leave some personality but try to remove the majority of your family photos, your collection of ceramic frogs, and all those holiday fridge magnets!

People are frequently buying into a lifestyle as well as a home but your favourite hobbies might not be the same as theirs so moderation is good. It is also good to consider getting rid of bulky items that can make your rooms feel small and replacing large furniture with smaller pieces.

A fresh coat of paint makes a huge difference

WhiteKnights Home Staging Top TipsIt is recommended that you give your walls a new coat of paint using neutral colours, as this can assist in making your home appear much brighter and larger than it actually is. The use of neutral colours can make it simpler for viewers to visualise how the spaces could be modified to suit their requirements, but bold and bright colours should be avoided, especially in properties to let. If you really cannot imagine your remaining time in the property with only neutral colours, consider a feature wall as a compromise.


Remember that it will be much simpler for the next occupants to move in and use the rooms immediately if the walls have been painted a neutral colour such as stone or taupe. Always be sure to leave a positive first impression by painting the entrance door and any other walls that are nearby. Keep in mind that the viewers of your property will initially see your front entrance when they arrive at your home and you can only make a first impression once!

Clean, tidy and fix…

WhiteKnights Home Staging Top TipsDo any necessary small repairs, such as repairing any visible holes in the walls (especially if you have just removed the gallery of family portraits), fixing any cracked tiles, replacing worn or threadbare carpets, tightening up crooked drawers, and so on.

Unless your property is a complete refurbishment project (if selling, hopefully not if letting!) your new occupiers will want to move in without making any improvements. Don't give applicants any reason to make a lower offer on the property.

Make it a goal to clean everything to the point that it sparkles. Get rid of limescale, clean and repair the grout in the tiles, wax the wooden floors, get rid of any odours that may be present, hang up clean towels, and either hide all of the jackets, hats, and shoes in the hallway or make sure they are very tidy!

Kitchen love

WhiteKnights Home Staging Top TipsAccording to the majority of experts, the kitchen is the most valuable area in a home. It has the highest value per square foot of any space in your home and elicits the most "instant love" responses from potential buyers.

Why not replace the kitchen cabinet doors if your kitchen is outdated? Even a fresh coat of paint in a contemporary shade such as slate grey or warm taupe might be an excellent alternative to a complete kitchen remodel.

Replacing kitchen countertops is costly, but it can add significant value. Remember to use neutral or natural colours and avoid anything too "way out".

De-clutter the surfaces and leave out just a few items. To create a statement, why not purchase a few matching appliances in a contrasting colour?

Consider upgrading the plumbing fixtures and possibly the white appliances if they are outdated and unattractive; you may also be able to negotiate a sale of the items with the property.add a lot of value.

Light and airy: make that room look bigger…

WhiteKnights Home Staging Top TipsIn certain places, wall mirrors can make a space appear larger and brighter. Consider hanging some in smaller rooms and hallways.

Replace any blown lightbulbs and wash the interior and exterior of the windows. Creating a bright and airy environment makes the rooms appear larger and the house more appealing to potential purchasers.

Make sure that any dark corners are illuminated and ensure that window coverings are not too heavy for the windows and obstruct the quantity of daylight that enters the room.

If your property is surrounded by trees or large shrubs that make your rooms appear dark then a trim could have a significant impact on the brightness of a room.

Make it feel homely

WhiteKnights Home Staging Top TipsIf it is a cold evening or simply a cool day, you could lite a fire and try burning pinecones for their delicious smell. This will make your home feel more inviting and cosy.

Consider that plants and flowers add colour, life, and light to a space, as well as a pleasant aroma.

Bad smells are the biggest turn-off.  Don't merely mask the odours; address the source. Be sensible and avoid preparing that spicy curry an hour before your viewers arrive.

Clean the drains, wash and disinfect the bins, open the windows, ventilate the rooms, and consider buying some reed diffusers. Pleasant aromas may make a property feel like a welcoming home. Although it may be unrealistic to bake fresh bread, cakes, or brownies for each viewing, you can brew some fresh coffee.

The do nots

WhiteKnights Home Staging Top Tips9If you are marketing your property during festive seasons, please try to keep your decorations to a minimum. This is especially important when your professional photos are being taken, as these will 'time-stamp' your home.  If you do not manage to let or sell quickly then you will probably need to have the photos re-taken which is time-consuming and more costly.

Finally, don’t forget to listen to the feedback from viewers and act accordingly.  We often find that if something isn’t right it will be top of the ‘no nos’ on viewing feedback, and even if you disagree, if it is putting the buyers or renters off, then maybe it needs to be addressed.

Viewing preparation

WhiteKnights Home Staging Top TipsOpen curtains & blinds

Make the beds and 'dress' them with decorative pillows and bed-throw

Plump up cushions

Close all cupboards

Turn the TV off

Store TV remotes, magazines, kids toys, etc out of sight

Clear worktops & empty the sink

Hide towels, cutlery, utensils & oven gloves

Move bins, pet bowls & dog beds out of sight

Toilet lids put down

Removing lotions & potions from around the bath

Pull back the shower curtain - make sure it's a nice clean one!

Remove towels from rails or radiators

Ensure toilet roll and toilet brushes are presentable

Download our Home Staging Top Tips Booklet from Whiteknights Reading Berkshire 1Download our Home Staging Top Tips Booklet