Buying a new home is a critical life stage and should be treated as such, it’s vital not to rush into decisions and evaluate all the pros and cons.

That being said, it can be so easy to get carried away when you visit a new property that you fall in love with – so here are a few tips to keep your feet on the ground!

Get a checklist

Prepare a list of questions to go through so that you don’t freeze on the spot when you’re asked by your estate agent. Having a logical list can help you get answers to key questions in a clear way.

Check the exterior

Make sure you note down any wear and tear of the property that you can see from the outside to avoid overpaying for a property that you’ll have to spend even more money on fixing.

Take a friend

Having a neutral person view the property with you can allow you to have a safety net in case you forget any key questions, they can also help you to feel comfortable in a daunting experience. Preferably take someone who has been through this process before.


Make sure that you find out how much the process will cost to avoid being caught out by unexpected fees and leaving yourself short.

Be friendly

Creating a good impression of yourself is pivotal when you meet the owners of the house as not only will it boost your chances of getting the offer accepted.