Packing up to move is a daunting task, especially if you need to do it quickly. It’s easy to feel panicked and a little stressed, but if you prepare and have dedication, you can load up your car or truck and be all moved out in one day.  

Here are our tips for packing quickly and painlessly.   

Make a list of things to pack before you start taking everything out of cabinets and closets. Do a walk- through of your home and list any big items you plan to pack or leave behind, if you are looking to get rid of some big furniture pieces, you could think about donating them.  

Enlist help from family and friends and start packing as early as possible. Do the most difficult packing tasks during the pre-dawn hours, you will have time and energy, plus your brain will be fresh. Save a bit of time the night before to prep breakfast, eat this early so you can power through the packing.  

Pack up room by room, this way you won’t be thinking about the whole house and be focused on one area. You should go room by room, and within each room, shelf by shelf, draw by draw. This will help you to group like items together and organize your boxes according to the room or area, making it easier to unpack in your new home.   

Packing the kitchen is a tedious task, with lots of glassware and breakables to be bubbled wrapped. If you really want to pack in one day, you might want to pre-pack these items. Keep a few necessities out like the kettle, a few plates, cups and cutlery and some snacks.   

As you pack, make sure you set aside anything you want to donate or throw away. Check your list as you go, be ruthless and honest with yourself about things you no longer want to keep. There is no point in wrapping up then unpacking things that you no longer need.  

Keep all packing items close to hand as you seal and load your boxes. You can pack softer items like towels, blankets and clothes in black bags, as these can be squished down and will take up less space in your car or moving truck than cardboard boxes will.  

Make sure you label all your boxes as you load them up, this should make for a less stressful move at the other end. You could even print some labels off and stick them to the boxes rather than having to write them out.  

We hope these tips help you to have a successful move!  

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