Moving is known to be one of the most stressful things a person will undergo in their lives but, what about the children in our lives? Sure, they don’t have the same worries us adults and they don’t have to do anything for themselves... The main stress in children, especially young children during a house move is how much stress it causes their parents! Even before they watch their home being put into boxes, children already understand enough to notice that big changes are coming, this often leaves them feeling unsettled – just the excitement caused by moving is enough to unbalance them.

There are, however, several ways to make even the most stressful of moves easier for children to process and deal with.

Here are 5 ways to make a stressful move easier for children to cope with.

  1. Get them fully involved in the move, not only is this beneficial to their sense of control but also their understanding of what to expect. Start by taking them with you when visiting potential new homes, this will help them to feel a part of the process. Get them to help bubble wrap delicate items and pack boxes. It’s great for educating too, your children will be sorting things, looking at different patterns and different materials.
  2. Talk to them! There’s lots of discussions to have about a house move, from reassuring your children that everyone will move together, and they will still friends and family members, to what you actually intend to bring with you. It’s quite common for children to worry about their favourite possessions being left behind. Start a list and put it on the wall, you can add items your bringing with you to it. If your child thinks of something remind them that it will be coming. Let them see you add it to the list. It should give them a sense of control and security and help them to feel involved in the planning process.
  3. Unpack their things first. It may be tempting to leave everything of theirs until the last minute but spend time slowly packing their room and belongings is a big part of saying goodbye. At the new house organise their room first. Moving will be made easier by the immediate familiarity of their things.
  4. Try to let them make decisions. It’s only fair they should get to decide how their new home looks to an extent. Small things like where to place kitchen items help children to feel included.
  5. Having the familiar scent of a bed is powerful so, don’t put fresh bedding on their bed straight away. Bed is a relaxing place and familiarity is a calming thing during times of upheaval. Wash sheets before you pack and leave them on in the new home for another week or two. Not changing the bedding isn’t the end of the world, your children will appreciate being in their same old, same smelling bed.

We hope our top tips help your children have a stress-free move! If you need further property advice, get in touch with us here.