I was moved to ponder this point whilst waiting on the telephone the other day, to one of the country big conglomerates, as they put me through to the third or fourth person, to whom, I had to explain my issues with their service to.

I suppose for big firms the answer to this question has to be no. It’s no help to us as customers, but the fact is they don’t need to either; the bottom line isn’t really affected by the disaffected few.

In the interest of fair balance I should say that I am sure a few of them try to please all of their customers, but I am certain that in a few boardrooms around the country the term “collateral damage”, the price of doing big business, can often be heard.

So before I go off on a tangent, how does that relate to estate agency I hear you ask, well much the same really. A customer satisfaction rate of even 96% can in fact mean in reality that for even a medium size firm, somewhere around 1600 clients each year are left dissatisfied…Collateral damage?

I guess at Whiteknights if the results of our latest online questionnaire is anything to go by, you won’t be hearing collateral anything in our offices, for 100%of our customers said not only would they use us again, but they would recommend our services to friends, family and acquaintances as well.

With results like that do we have something to aim for? Well maintaining it for sure, but when asked if they found our services better than those they had experienced from other estate agents in the past, they all said better, but only 90% said, “significantly better”!

Nigel Keene
Managing Director