A recent study found that first-time buyers make up over half of the UK housing market.

The number of first-time buyers is on the rise from a decade ago in 2008 with an increase of 21% which is the highest peak it’s reached according to Halifax.

Buying a property is a complicated and complex process so when you’re confronted with it for the first time it can be a daunting time.

Do your research

Buying a house is a precarious process and pouncing at the wrong time can often leave you out of pocket. Make sure you delve into the current economic climate, try to be patient and keep your fingers on the pulse with the housing market and mortgage rates because they’re liable to fluctuate!

Scout the area

It can be easy to be dazzled by a house when you first walk in but ensure you look at more than that. Make sure you have good access to local shops and schools before you go in blind. A great property can be marred by a high crime rate or pollution levels and will ultimately affect the value of the house when it comes to sell.

Save up!

On average you need around 5-10% of your house value as a deposit, but don’t be put off from putting more money down as it means you have to borrow less. Furthermore it’s good to have a contingency plan for any unexpected repairs or bills that may come your way.