It’s difficult to comprehend but as we have the longest day behind us, we are now over half way through the year. For me it seems especially odd because I joined Whiteknights at the end of 2012 and so much has happened this year, the time has literally flown by.

I will comment on the market in a moment but first I would like if I may to pay tribute to the Whiteknights staff. Its never very easy adapting to change and my arrival certainly brought that. We installed a state of the art computer system and database, linking all 6 offices together, we updated our image, changed our boards, completely redesigned our website, changed our style of property particulars and introduced wholesale changes to the way we worked. What’s more we did all of this by January 2013! The fact that every member of staff embraced these changes speaks volumes about their characters and commitment to what they do.

So have these changes made a difference to the service Whiteknights offers it’s customers. I would like to think so. We have seen so many examples this year of how the computer linking of the offices has worked. Buyers initially contacting Woodley that have bought in Spencers Wood, sellers in Lower Earley have found houses to buy through our Tilehurst office. In fact the word example understates it, I was showing someone around a house earlier, I was the last minute replacement so if I’m honest I was a little unprepared with background on the person I was showing the property to. I asked if they had sold and they told me they had sold a property in Earley, even before they replied I knew they were going to say they had sold through Whiteknights because such is the belief I have in the ability we have here it seemed unthinkable that it would have been anyone else they used.

So I promised you a market update. That can be summed up quite quickly, if you are thinking of selling, Whiteknights will sell your property for you we will get you the best price and now is the time to do it!

Nigel Keene
Managing Director