Tenants Fees

The costs involved in moving into a property are as follows:

A deposit equivalent to one and a half months' rental (to be held in a Government approved scheme)

One month's rent, payable in advance.

Our new tenancy set up fee is calculated as follows:

  • Up to two tenants: 48% of one month's rent
  • An additional 6% of one month's rent per applicant thereafter, up to a maximum of 66%. There is a minimum fee of £360.00
  • Additional fees may be chargeable depending on individual circumstances, i.e. requirement for a guarantor or pet clauses. Please refer to our Tenants Guide for further information.

An initial reservation fee of £350.00 is required and we are unable to proceed or apply for references until this has been paid. The reservation fee is non-refundable if you withdraw your application or your references prove unsatisfactory. Your reservation fee will be refunded should the landlord not proceed for reasons other than those above.

All fees quoted above are inclusive of Vat.