When selling, preparing your home for viewers is important. Staging your property should make it sell faster and can potentially add thousands to its value.  Remove excess stuff that is cluttering up the place and put it in storage or a friend house. Buyers need to see what the property would look like if they lived there. This can be difficult, so make it easy for them to see the space you’re offering them.  Stay away from the hotel look, make sure you leave some personality. You want to give buyers suggestions as to what they might do, people often buy into a lifestyle as much as a property.

Give your walls a fresh coat of paint, keep the colour natural – it will make your home seem bigger and lighter. Anyone viewing will also be able to imagine how they would change the rooms to suit their needs. Buyers will see that they will be able to move in and use your home immediately, bright colours on walls can be off-putting.  

Complete any small repairs like; broken handles, holes in walls, cracked tiles, torn or worn carpets. Most buyers will want to move in without making any changes.

Do a deep clean. Blast away any limescale, clean and if need be repair tile grout, wax any wooden floors, make sure your home is smell fresh and hang up clean towels. The place will be more appealing, and viewers should be able to imagine living there themselves.  Tidy up the garden: cut bushes back and mow the lawn, clean any garden furniture and patio. This won’t add much value to your home, but kern appeal goes a long way and makes your home more likely to sell as people will visualize themselves using the garden.  

The kitchen is the most valuable room in a house, so give it an update if you can. A well laid out and practical kitchen can make the difference when buyers are unsure. You could think about refacing your kitchen cabinetry. It’s cheaper than new cabinetry and is often as effective. Declutter the kitchen and make sure counter tops are clear, just leave a bowl of fruit out.

If it’s a chilly day or cold night, light your fire. Pinecones give off a delicious smell. Your home will feel warm and be inviting for viewers.

Make sure you go room from room prior to a viewing! Make sure all windows have blinds or curtains, blank windows will make a place feel impersonal. Add some plants and flowers as these bring color to a room and smell great too.  

Speaking of smells… Bad smells are the biggest turn off for buyers. You should clear bins, drains, open all windows, don’t cook bad smelling food when viewers are due. On the other hand, good smells are a welcome thing for potential buyers. You might not be able to bake cakes or fresh bread for every viewing, consider brew some fresh coffee though.  

We hope are tips will help if you are planning to show your home yourself! Why not take the stress away and get in touch with us here at Whiteknights, we will show your property to any potential buyers on your behalf.