As the decorations start to look so "last year" and the last of the relatives go home, its natural to think about the year ahead especially if a move is on the cards. A question we are always asked as Estate Agents is when is a good time to put the property on the market. It's a difficult question to answer because it really depends on what you are hoping to achieve, but let me at least try to lay down one scenario for you and perhaps come up with a suggestion.

Firstly there is no question March is our busiest month, both in terms of new instructions to sell and indeed sales. Houses photograph slightly better in the Spring, there is often a blue sky or two and certainly it's an active market place. It certainly suits the seller with regard to numbers of buyers.

But a word of caution, the availability of property means that the Spring market also suits buyers, they have more choice. Not ideal if achieving maximum value for your home is your goal.

So when should you sell I hear you ask, well at least I imagine you asking that, so my advice would be as follows:

If you are buying another property, my advice would be to place your property on the market from mid January. That allows for an adequate marketing time and appeals to the buyer's hungry to find against a backdrop of fewer available properties to purchase.

This will get you the best price for your property (well, with our skillful negotiating, it will!), you are then entering a good time to buy in terms of choice and with some quick decisions you could find a new house before things start hotting up to much, giving you then a few months in which to complete the move.

I've painted just one possible picture for you here but all of the Whiteknights managers and directors have been working in your local area for almost 26 years, they are always ready to talk your particular requirements through.

Or you can call me, either at the Lower Earley branch or indeed via any of our local branches and I would happily discuss timing and a move package that suits you.

Nigel Keene
Owner and Managing Director