The buying process

Whether you are buying for the first time or have bought and sold a property in the past, you will require a Conveyancer to act on your behalf.

 WhiteKnights can offer a competitive quote on behalf of one of our panel of Conveyancers, who will provide you with a quality assured service.

  • Step 1
    We agree terms, such as price and any other agreed terms, between the seller and the buyer and we then instruct the conveyancers.
  • Step 2
    The seller’s conveyancer obtains the seller’s title deed and prepares the draft contract for the buyer’s conveyancer to approve. As above, doing this work in advance speeds up the whole process. The buyers will also require fixtures and property information at this stage.
  • Step 3
    The seller’s conveyancer sends to the buyer’s conveyancer the draft contract together with the rest of the documentation that forms the contractual package.
  • Step 4
    The buyer’s conveyancer, amongst other things, checks the terms of the contract, does the searches and checks the results, checks the mortgage offer and checks the readiness of any dependent sale to proceed. The buyers may have some queries at this stage.
  • Step 5
    Contracts are signed and exchanged at which time a completion date is fixed. Timescales may vary depending on the number of house sales involved in the chain.
  • Step 6
    The transfer deed/document is prepared by the buyer’s conveyancer and approved by the seller’s conveyancer. It is then signed in readiness for the completion date.
  • Step 7
    The buyer’s conveyancer obtains the funds for the purchase from the buyer/ the buyer’s sale (if any) and the lender (if there is a mortgage).
  • Step 8
    On the completion date the buyer’s conveyancer sends the funds to the seller’s conveyancer and when received by the seller’s conveyancer the purchase is completed and the buyer can take occupation.
  • Step 9
    The buyer’s conveyancer pays any stamp duty and registers the buyer as owner of the property at the Land Registry.

    The time it takes to progress through the system depends on several factors, most of which depend on planning in advance. You can choose not to be the weakest link in the chain by ensuring that you choose a proactive conveyancer and then liaise with them early in the process.


We realise that in today’s world there are clients who wish to deal with us face to face or over the phone, but there are a growing number who wish to access our services online. We are a rare breed of estate agent in the UK – enabling clients to book a valuation, and track the progress of their sales all online. In addition by allowing buyers to also book property viewings online, we are open 24/7!

I have worked with WhiteKnights on several occasions: when I bought my house, rented that house and eventually sold the same house. I have always found WhiteKnights easy to work with and they conduct business in a professional way… through perseverance and many viewings we finally got there. I would recommend them for your property purchase/sale or rental.

Mr Kataria

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