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Reading Property Blog

What are the local school catchment areas? How long does it take to get into London? Where are the key investment hotspots? Whatever you need to know about Reading, our helpful Reading Property Blog is here to keep you informed of all things, well, property.

A First-Time Buyer’s Guide to Navigating Reading’s Property Market

Unlock the secrets to buying your first home in Reading with our guide. Learn about property types, financing including Shared Ownership, and find tips to navigate the housing market effectively.

When Should You Sell Your Home in Reading?

Explore the best time to sell your home with insights from WhiteKnights. Learn how understanding market cycles and regional variations can help you make informed decisions, regardless of market conditions.

Essential Questions Every Property Buyer Should Ask

Embarking on the journey to find your dream home involves more than just love at first sight. It's about asking the right questions that delve deeper into the essence of your potential new dwelling. From understanding the seller's motivation to the dynamics with neighbours, especially in flats or closely situated homes, our latest guide arms you with 11 essential questions to ask during a property viewing. Dive into the importance of energy efficiency, local amenities, and the legal must-knows about neighbour disputes. Be fully prepared for your next viewing with insights from WhiteKnights' experts.