When Should You Sell Your Home? Insights from WhiteKnights

Deciding when to sell your home is a common query among homeowners, and the answer often depends less on the market's fluctuations and more on individual circumstances. However, understanding the dynamics of the property market can help you make a more informed decision.

Understanding Market Cycles

The property market is cyclical, experiencing phases of high demand (and price increases), followed by quieter times with fewer buyers and potential price drops. Despite sensational media reports, the market's ebb and flow are generally less dramatic. A house can sell in any market condition; if priced appropriately.

Price fluctuations March 2024 1The Current UK Property Landscape

According to Zoopla's March 2024 report, the average UK house price stands at £263,900, slightly down from the previous year by £910. This represents a modest decline of -0.3%. The South of England, in particular, has witnessed the most significant drops, with prices now -1.5% below the peak of October 2022. Factors such as rising living costs and higher mortgage rates contribute to a somewhat subdued buyer demand currently.

Regional Variations Matter

It's crucial to consider that the UK is made up of multiple "micro-markets," where conditions can vary significantly from the national average. Some areas might see price dips, while others could see properties appreciate in value. This granularity means that general trends might not apply uniformly across different regions.

Benefits of selling in a quieter property market 1Benefits of Selling in a Quieter Market

If you're contemplating selling your home soon, a less frenetic market can offer several advantages:

  • More Time to Find Your Next Home:  In a bustling market, rapid sales can pressure sellers into buying their next home hastily, often at higher prices. A quieter market means less competition and more time to find the right property at a fair price. 
  • Serious Buyers Only:  A reduction in casual browsers means that those who do visit are more likely to be earnest about purchasing, potentially leading to more straightforward negotiations.
  • Better Deals: If Upgrading If you're looking to move to a more expensive home, the market's state can be advantageous. Accepting a lower offer on your current home isn't as painful if you can negotiate a similar discount on your new, more expensive property.
  • Undivided Attention from Professionals: With fewer transactions in play, your conveyancer, mortgage broker, and lender can afford you more attention, possibly speeding up your sale and purchase process.
  • Favourable Removal Deals: Less demand for removal services can lead to better rates and availability, allowing you to move on your schedule and possibly at a lower cost.


Ultimately, the decision to sell should align with your personal and financial circumstances, rather than trying to 'time' the market. While current trends suggest a slower pace, this can indeed work to a seller's advantage, offering opportunities not as readily available during peak times.

Selling your home is a significant decision, and we at WhiteKnights are here to provide guidance tailored to your specific needs and the unique trends of your local area. Whether the market is booming or not, strategic pricing and understanding market dynamics are key to a successful transaction.

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