Did you know that it takes around 26 weeks to sell a home in the UK?

From the moment it's first listed on the open market to the moment you hand over the keys to your buyer on completion day, it takes around 6 months. Of course, selling a home is dependent on many factors, and the process can be much shorter if, for instance, there is only one transaction in the chain: buying an empty property; or no mortgage is required. Or, it can be much longer if there are multiple transactions in the chain and it breaks down due to factors such as a bad survey or low mortgage valuation. Suffice to say, it is impossible for one size to fit all.

The biggest hold-ups in any sales transaction are caused by poor communication, delays in the conveyancing or mortgage application process, and the searches taking a long time to come back (sometimes down to a lack of chasing by the agent or conveyancer!).

This is where WhiteKnights has a unique advantage over many other estate agents: we have a dedicated sales progression team in-house who work tirelessly chasing solicitors, financial advisors, other agents in the chain, and the buyers or sellers themselves.

We also work alongside a company called “CompleteASAP” which is, of course, what more buyers and sellers want to do! ASAP’s aim is to speed up the conveyancing process by ensuring all the legal administration is carried out quickly and efficiently so that your client is legally ready to move as early as possible. This includes anti-money laundering checks, a recommended conveyancing solicitor base, and real-time case tracking 24 hours a day.  You can find out more about our sales progression service here.

Timeline of a sale 2023

Alongside our fabulous sales-progression service, we also pride ourselves on the speed and quality of our property marketing.  In this digital age, it is imperative to utilise the social media and video platforms available to us, in order to showcase our properties to the widest audience possible and give your home the best chance to reach the best buyer.  As we discussed in our last blog post, the Reading property market is now open to people far and wide, with all of the job and study opportunities available here.  We can no longer rely on potential buyers looking in our shop window or seeing the "For Sale" board go up.  Those marketing methods are still very important, but we also have buyers moving from other parts of the country or from overseas, so every avenue needs to be harnessed.

Marketing by WhiteKnights

As you can see from the image above, we go the extra-mile with our marketing.  Our dedicated marketing team post short videos onto our Facebook and Instagram channels, and our YouTube page, giving a "Sneak Peek" of our new instructions as they hit the market.  As soon as the professional photos are received, they go straight onto our social media stories as "Coming Soon - register now", and any of our properties going onto our online-viewing launch platform "GAVL" also get a dedicated social media post to promote the event.  

Once a property is live it can also have a full walk-through video posted on our YouTube channel so that anyone further afield can see all of the property prior to making the trip to Reading to view in person.  It's a great service, and our applicants are all encouraged to use these features to make their lives easier, but also to ensure that the most 'eyes' possible get to see your home.  We are very proud to have such a dedicated marketing team, including our amazing in-house professional photographer, who can make any property look amazing.  You can find out about our property photography here.

So if you have a property to sell in any of our locations; whether you're nestled in the heart of Reading or enjoying the tranquility of its surrounding areas, there's a growing demand for properties across this diverse landscape. From the bustling communities of Woodley, Earley, and Lower Earley to the serene settings of Spencers Wood, Shinfield, and Riseley, each location holds its own distinct allure for potential buyers. The quaint charm of Swallowfield, Three Mile Cross, and Hurst, alongside the welcoming vibe of Tilehurst, Winnersh, Charvil, Twyford, and Theale, provides a broad canvas for sellers looking to attract a wide array of applicants. Moreover, the picturesque villages of Mortimer, Sindlesham, Arborfield, Calcot, Pangbourne, and Purley on Thames offer serene escapes, appealing to those seeking a closer connection with nature.  With WhiteKnights at your side, leveraging our deep understanding of the local market and our innovative marketing strategies, we ensure your property stands out, attracting the right buyers and securing the best possible outcome.

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