If you've been keeping an eye on the property market lately, you'll know that demand in the rental sector is booming. According to Propertymark's latest report, there has been a surge in prospective tenants registering, with the number climbing to an average of 197 per branch in August from 149 in July. However, the supply of available rental properties isn't keeping pace. This blog aims to give you an in-depth look into why now is an excellent time for buy-to-let investments, particularly in Reading, Berkshire.

The Current Market Landscape

The Propertymark report highlights a concerning imbalance between supply and demand in the rental market. The average number of properties available to rent per branch has dipped to just 11! This has led to a 69% increase in rents, month-on-month, creating a golden opportunity for potential landlords.

Why Reading, Berkshire is an Ideal Location for Investment

Reading is not just a thriving economic hub, but it also offers excellent transport links and a high quality of life. Its geographical location provides accessibility to both London and other key cities, making it a hotspot for young professionals and families alike.

Real-life Investment Opportunities in Reading

At WhiteKnights, we have a selection of apartments and houses perfect for buy-to-let investment:

  • Apartments: Prices start from £240,000, offering a gross yield of 6.75%.
  • Houses: Prices up to £400,000, with a gross yield of 5.25%.

It's worth noting that houses typically don't come with service charges, ground rents, or leases, giving them a distinct advantage in terms of long-term investment.


Financial Benefits

Not only has there been a month-on-month increase in rents, but landlords across England and Wales have also seen significant growth in their rental income despite ongoing economic challenges. According to new research from a prominent London lettings and estate agency, landlords have experienced an 8.7% increase in their portfolio income over the past year.

Even those with smaller portfolios have not been left behind, witnessing an impressive average rent value surge by 15.1%, rising from £7,396 in Q1 2022 to £8,510 in Q1 2023. This takes the average landlord's annual portfolio income from £67,304 to £73,186 — an increase of £5,882 or 8.7%.

And it's not just London that's booming. The South East has seen portfolio income increase by a staggering 27.8%, while other regions like Yorkshire & Humber, the South West, North West, and North East also report encouraging growth rates.

When we bring these statistics home to Reading, with apartments offering a gross yield of 6.75% for prices starting at £240,000 and houses up to £400,000 providing a 5.25% gross yield, the financial upside becomes crystal clear.

Expert Opinions

Nathan Emerson, CEO of Propertymark, highlights the urgent need for more investment in the rental sector to balance the growing demand. As he puts it, "The stage is set; all we need now is you!"


There has never been a better time to invest in buy-to-let properties in Reading. The demand is sky-high, and the opportunities for profitable investments are plentiful. If you're considering becoming a landlord, now is the time to act.

Additional Information

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