Introducing 'Rightbuyer' - Your Path to a Fast and Certain Property Sale

Are you looking to achieve the best price for your property while ensuring a swift and hassle-free sale? Look no further than our exclusive 'Rightbuyer' service. With a 'Rightbuyer Exclusivity Agreement,' we eliminate the delays and haggling often associated with private treaty sales, giving you the confidence of a fixed and non-negotiable sale price. Why 'Rightbuyer'?

Here are the 9 Steps to a Fast and Certain Sale:

  • Step 1 - Preparation

Before you commit, we'll guide you through the process, discuss timelines, and recommend a competitive price for your property. This step ensures that 'Rightbuyer' is the ideal method for you and your property.

  • Step 2 - Choose a Method of Sale

You have the flexibility to choose from three methods of sale: Buy it Now - Secure the Exclusivity Agreement with a simple click. Make an Offer - Exclusivity Agreement is secured when you accept an offer. Auction - Watch as potential buyers compete for your property, with the winning bid securing the Exclusivity Agreement.

  • Step 3 - Terms

We provide clear and transparent terms of business for your review and approval.

  • Step 4 - Legal Pack

Instruct your solicitor to prepare the legal pack, and we'll ensure they have all the necessary details and deadlines. This legal pack is easily accessible to interested parties via our website.

  • Step 5 - Property Listing

Once you've approved your property listing, it will be promptly uploaded to our website. Simultaneously, we kickstart the marketing process, ensuring maximum visibility. 

  • Step 6 - Viewings

We handle viewings on your behalf. Prospective buyers can conveniently download the legal pack and register their interest to bid or purchase.

  • Step 7 - Selling by Auction?

For those opting for an auction, rest assured that bidding closes at the agreed date and time. To ensure fairness and the best possible price for your property, we automatically extend the bidding time by 30 seconds if there are bids in the final 30 seconds.

  • Step 8 - Reservation Deposit Paid

Upon concluding the transaction, the buyer submits the Reservation Deposit, triggering the Exclusivity Agreement. With a predetermined timeline for contract exchange, the responsibility falls on the buyer to proceed promptly.

  • Step 9 - Liaison

We actively coordinate with solicitors to facilitate the sale's progress, leading to a successful exchange of contracts and completion.

Experience the 'Rightbuyer' advantage and let us help you achieve a swift and certain property sale. Contact us today to get started! 

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