Using aerial photography to enhance your property listing can offer a range of benefits when selling your home in Berkshire.  With our dedicated in-house professional photographers, we are able to offer, not only the most amazing photography package, but can also add aerial images to your marketing, to give your home a super-charged advantage when you are selling!  Let's take a look at why providing aerial photography means that your home is likely to go under-offer quicker...

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  • Unique Perspective: Aerial photography provides a unique bird's-eye view of a property, offering a comprehensive perspective that ground-level photos can't achieve. It allows potential buyers to see the entire property and its surroundings, providing a fuller picture of what they are considering buying.

  • Showcases the Property and Surrounding Area: Through aerial photography, you can showcase not just the property but also the neighbourhood and surrounding amenities. It can highlight proximity to local services, parks, and transport links, which can be a selling point for many buyers.

  • Highlight Unique Features: If the property has extensive grounds, unique landscaping features, or a stunning swimming pool, aerial shots can highlight these features effectively, helping to entice potential buyers.  In our post-COVID world, we also know the importance of outdoor space, so aerial photography will showcase external office or leisure space, a lovingly landscaped garden, and those properties alongside.

  • Creates a Professional and Modern Listing: Using aerial photography can make your listing look professional and modern, helping to attract more views and potentially more interest from buyers.

  • Visual Storytelling: Aerial photography allows for visual storytelling, offering a dynamic and immersive viewing experience that can engage potential buyers more deeply than standard photographs.

  • Stand Out in the Market: In a crowded market, having aerial photographs can help your listing stand out, drawing more attention and potentially leading to a quicker sale.

  • Cost-Effective: While there may be a higher initial outlay, the benefits of aerial photography often outweigh the costs. It can be a cost-effective way to promote a property, potentially bringing in more offers and possibly higher offers.  

  • Virtual Tours: You can also use aerial photographs to create virtual tours, giving potential buyers the ability to explore the property and its surroundings from the comfort of their home, which can be a particularly useful tool in the current climate.

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